I may have mentioned before that my dad is an architect.

He owns, with his partner, and architecture and interior design firm.

Now, as he is my father, he has obviously shaped my idea of what good architecture is, but I happen to think he’s a pretty darn good architect. He’s won a couple of awards too, so I can’t be too far off base. (I would have posted photos of the pretty, but I can’t yank them from his website! Here is the only photo I could find, courtesy of Google Images.)

My dream has always been to live in a house designed by my father. When we bought our house, the plan was to live here 10 years, buy some land, and have Dad design our home, where we would live until we either died, or our oh-so-loving children put us in a nursing home.

No idea if this will actually happen.

So, I’ve told my dad (I’ve told him this since I was a teenager), that if he ever feels his end might be near and hasn’t yet designed my house, he needs to make some sketches and leave them, along with directions on how to find my perfect not-father architect, so I can have them in the event of his death.

Now that he’s blogging, he’s at least fulfilled part of my request.

But really, he posted some great tips on how to find an architect that’s right for you. In addition to choosing the right architect, he talks about what to show and ask your potential architect, and how to get the most out of having someone design your home.

If you are interested in ever having someone design your home, or just want to read about the person from whom I get half my DNA, go check it out!

(I suspect he may have given me more than half though. Is that possible? Perhaps his DNA is dominate.)