Emily asked me how Colton’s eating issues are going. Well, once we got him on formula, the boy gained a pound in 6 days. A whole pound. In only six days. Babies are supposed to gain a half ounce a day. There are 16 ounces in a pound. That’s 32 days to gain a pound. My child did that in 6 days. Apparently he was starving.

His extreme eating pace has slowed, which I think is fine since he’s gained weight and seems to be continuing to gain. He still eats only from bottles, but even Hubby has become okay with that. I have been pumping seven times a day (Colton’s been eating 8 times a day), and he was getting a breast milk bottle and formula bottle at every feeding. My milk supply had been getting higher – still no where close to even half of his feedings, but getting close to 30% of them. And then it crashed.

I still have no idea what happened really. Just one day I dropped of by 4 ounces. Then the next day I was down another ounce. Then another. Then up one. Then back down. And down some more. Lactation thought I might have a plugged duct, but I did everything I could think of to try to alleviate that, everything they recommended and then some, but still crazy low milk.

To top it off, both my nipples were (and still are) cracked. So pumping is rather painful. Which was no big deal when I was actually making milk, but when you pump a combined .1 ounce, just doesn’t seem worth it. I had decided if, over the course of a day, I was consistently pumping less than what he took at one feeding in formula, I would stop pumping. And, such has been the case. So Colton’s going to become exclusively formula fed.

I’m totally okay with this, especially since it will free up a little bit of time for me during the day. That, I know that Colton will be totally fine even if he doesn’t continue to get breast milk. I did the very best I could for as long as I could, and that’s all I can expect.

An added bonus? If we return the pump we rented from the hospital within 90 days, we get $50 back. Two cans of formula here we come!

But really, Colton seems to be doing really well. He’s happy and even though some of his newborn clothes still fit and some of his 0-3 clothes don’t (like pants; the poor child can’t wear pants because he has no butt), he seems to be a good size.

His weight of 9 pounds, 2 ounces at his 1 month visit apparently puts him in the 25% percentile babies his age. So he’s not a big guy by any means, but the pediatrician said he was “a solid baby,” so we’re happy.

He’s still a slow eater sometimes, even with the bottles, and likes to sleep and eat; both reasons why he’s not a good nurser. It’s a lot easier to sleep and eat from a bottle than it is to nurse, so that works well for him. I still have to work during some feedings to get him to stay awake or remind him to eat, rubbing under his chin and by his ears. Sometimes I’ll need to change his diaper part way through a feeding to get him to wake up or take his shirt off to wake him up. Generally though, he is eating better, but really anything I need to do to get him to eat is fine by me. I’m just glad to see some improvement in that area!

So that’s how our little guy is doing. Things are improving with his eating, and since I was making such a small amount of milk, have had no problems stopping pumping and have pretty much gone cold turkey.