1. Write a letter to Janeth. Include photos, stickers and coloring pages.

2. Don’t let any of the meals brought to us go to waste. Thank you to the people who brought us freezer meals instead of regular meals to help this happen!

3. Get Colton eating well, gaining weight, and fitting into his 0 to 3 month clothes!

4. Find myself some pants that fit. In a size not to be mentioned. *shudder*

5. Come up with something nice to do for our anniversary.

6. Write two posts that have nothing to do with the bambino. Yes! I wrote about a craft we did for Grad Banquet at work, about life and choices (this one did make mention of him, but wasn’t about him, so I’m counting it), and posted a link to an article I thought was touching.

7. Get comfortable taking Colton places in his wrap.

8. Finish planning games and get prizes for a friend’s baby shower. The games, and the prizes, were a hit!

100% success for the first time! Keep your expectations low and you’ll be happy every time!


1. Come up with a cleaning schedule for my stay-at-home self.

2. Finish making a present for a friend’s baby shower.

3. Sew a pillow for my couch!

4. Make a budget and stick to it when I go to the Giant Yard Sale with Sarah and Caroline!

5. Cook at least three meals that didn’t come from my freezer.

6. Do some form of exercise at least twice a week.

7. Successfully stop pumping.

8. Make meals for our friends who will have babies this month!