Correction: My dad was here. My mom is here.

Dad has gone to New York to play Rugby until Tuesday, and Mom is staying with us. Yes!

This means:

  • I get help with Colton and can shower and eat with much more ease and that feedings/pumping don’t take an hour.
  • NAPS. Need I say more?
  • Help crafting.
  • Really excellent dinners.
  • Help spending the morning looking for the dog. Who escaped this morning. Who, when we returned home after running all over the park (Mom) and driving all over the neighborhood 80 billion times (me and Colton), was chilling on our back deck. In our fenced in yard.
  • Adult conversation during the day!
  • A cleaner house.
  • Did I mention naps?

It also means a little less blog time, but still, I will take naps and time with my mom over blogging right now. Because after a fever on Tuesday night and off and on all day Wednesday (when my parents blessedly arrived), naps were and still are top priority.