So, now that I’ve been a mom for about a month and a half, I decided I would share my favorite products for mom and baby.

1. Miracle Blanket

Colton really likes to be swaddled when he sleeps. The only problem is he constantly would break out of a swaddle in a regular receiving blanket, even when the pros at the hospital would swaddle him. In the Miracle Blanket he is swaddled in a way that he can’t get out, leading to better sleep. Better sleep means a happy baby and a happy mommy.

I wouldn’t recommend a similar product, the Swaddle Me, and I find it doesn’t make as secure a swaddle. Also, because it uses velcro and has some fabric up by the head, I’m not comfortable letting Colton sleep in it while I’m sleeping or not paying close attention to him – the possibility of suffocation scares me just a little too much.

2. Bright Starts Automatic Bouncer

Colton wrapped in his Miracle Blanket, in his bouncer when he first came home.

I love this bouncer! Instead of vibration, which most bouncers have, this one actually bounces the baby up and down. It also plays music and nature sounds. I thought the bugs on the play bar would be too light in color for Colton to look at and enjoy, but he really loves looking at them! I love this because it’s easy to move around, and it even fit in our small bathroom so I can shower while he entertains himself. The only thing I’m not a fan of is how small the power button is! The other buttons are all large enough to push with a toe, which means you don’t have to bend down too far (especially nice when you first come home from the hospital), but because the power button is soo small, it kind of defeats the purpose of having large other buttons.

3. Sleepy Wrap

This is another great product Colton and I both love. The Sleepy Wrap is very similar to the Moby Wrap – a long piece of stretchy cotton fabric that you tie around yourself that can hold your baby in a variety of different ways. Colton loves to ride in this and frequently falls asleep in it. I love being able to take him to the grocery store and not have to put him the cart. When I first started taking him out, it was great piece of mind knowing people couldn’t grab his hands. I’ve also taken him to church in this, and it works great with all the sitting and standing we do. Also, if you have to go to the bathroom, it’s super easy to “go” without ever putting him down!

4. Time for Bed, by Mem Fox

A co-worker gave me this book when she was getting rid of something she had at her house her grandchildren had outgrown. We have the board book, which I love since it’s easy to turn pages with only one hand. The book has beautiful illustrations and lyrical, soothing prose. My favorite line is “it’s time for bed little bee, little bee. Yes, I love you and you love me.” I think this will be a favorite for years to come!

5. Graco iMonitor Vibe

So this has gotten lots of negative review on Amazon, but I’ve yet to have any real problems with it. We get great reception all over the house and outside. I love that the lights have a range to show when your child is really loud, as well as vibration when the lights reach the highest setting. Since Colton sleeps in our room at night still, we only use this during the day when he naps. But really, I think any monitor with an indicator to show your child’s loudness would be great.

6. Lansinoh Lanolin Nursing Cream

A few days ago, I noticed both of my nipples were cracked. I had a very small sample of this that I used sparingly until Hubby could go out and grab me a tube. It’s expensive for 2 ounce tube, but totally worth every penny! I’ve seen a big improvement in my pain level when I pump as well as seen an improvement in the cracks themselves in only two days.

7. Sassy Look Book

Hubby really wanted us to take this book with high contrast, black and white photos to the hospital so he could play with Colton right away. I didn’t pack it because I didn’t think he would really be able to use it, but even though the packaging says 3+ months, Colton has enjoyed this from day one. He can see the images, which help develop his vision, and his Dad and I feel like we’re doing something with him rather than just watching him sleep! This also fits nicely in a diaper bag for trips out.

8. Little Lamb Cradle Swing

We’ve had problems with the motor being loud on two of these, but Colton ADORES this swing, and with the music, you really don’t hear the loud motor quite so much. It does take up a lot of space, but because my child loves it soo much, it’s okay by me. The music, moving mobile, and different swinging positions are all big hits with the little guy. Watching the mobile entertains him and the swinging motion helps him fall asleep, so we get multiple uses out of this. I love that we can go from play time to sleepy time soo quickly! We keep this by our dining room table, so he sits in it while we eat dinner; Hubby and I affectionately refer to it as a romantic dinner music, since we always have the mobile and music on when Colton is in it.

9. God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergen

I received this book, about a young polar bear who wonders about her birth, as a gift. The illustrations are wonderful; there is something unique and interesting to look at on every page. I love reading this to Colton, and I really think he likes listening to it!

10. Precious Planet Play Gym

I didn’t register for a play gym and thought I didn’t need or want a play gym of any kind. My mother-in-law’s friend got us this and said her granddaughter loved. We tried it out one day before Colton was a month old, and it was like there were baby pheromones or something on it. He just laid there and had the best time! The music this plays has a unique calypso beat and a great variety of songs. This is much more of a must-have (we use it several times a day) than I ever thought it would be!