Lately, I’ve been contemplating lots of different things, like:

  • How in the world do I have a 1 month old son!?
  • Emotional abuse. Specifically, withholding: Withholding is another form of denying. Withholding includes refusing to listen, refusing to communicate, and emotionally withdrawing as punishment. This is sometimes called the “silent treatment.” I’ve been thinking about how the effects of this kind of abuse continue past when the abuse lessens or stops, and the effects it has on even those who weren’t abused. And how heart-breaking it is to hear someone say “if I did XXX, my father wouldn’t love me; he would disown me and never have anything to do with me.”
  • I don’t use cloth diapers, but if I did, I think I would use EnviBums. I especially love their Mom-to-Mom diaper, since you can just rinse off the cover or wipe it down, put in a new insert, and use it over and over.
  • My new “Mom” look – jeans, t-shirt, cardigan. Easy, quick, and hopefully it covers some of the not-so-nice bits of my body.
  • My daily routine and goals. So far, my personal goal is to shower every morning. I’ve managed to do this every day since we’ve been home! Now, though, I’m thinking of adding put on make-up to my list of things to do for myself. I think I will feel more like my pre-baby self.
  • Sewing. Saturday I surprised everyone by storming our upstairs with a cleaning frenzy. Now, just about everything is cleaned and organized and I have a spot to sew! Now, I just have to get the guts to sew again – it’s been too long since my last sewing project.
  • My milk supply. I upped my herb intake (3 capsules of one, 2 of another, and 1 of a third, three times a day), and have seen an increase in my milk supply. For the past week, I’m consistently pumping 9 ounces each day. While I’m super happy with this, I’d love to be able to get up to 10 ounces each day. I’m thinking about adding these cookies to my diet also to see if I can get up to that. Of course, the fact that chocolate is involved is making me more eager to try this!
  • Communicating with Hubby. I think we have a lovely relationship, but anytime we disagree, we tend to get into a very large argument, not because of the issue at hand, but because we communicate so differently we just can’t understand where the other is coming from. The other day, we discussed something and I thought we were totally on the same page on the issues, only to find out later Hubby didn’t understand what I had going on, and I had no idea he was so clueless!
  • The photos I took of Colton recently. Some of them include his bear butt, but I think they’re super cute and tasteful. I’m trying to decide though if I want to post them on his blog. I think at least they’ll make it here!
  • Who to get to take photos of Colton. There are two people I’m considering who both charge the same amount and have similar styles. One is a lady I’ve never met who has taken LOTS of photos of babies, the other is a guy I know who doesn’t have a lot of experience with photographing small children. I’ve worked with the guy (he volunteered with my job), and he isn’t my favorite person to work with. But, I’ve never worked with the lady, so I don’t know how she would be. Both give you edited images on CD to print on your own, but while she gives you all the photos, he will only give you up to 45 of the best photos. This is probably plenty, but I don’t know what to do! On the one hand, I want to support him because I know him, but on the other, while I like his pictures, he isn’t my favorite person to work with. What to do, what to do…
  • Deadliest Catch. I love, love the show (and miss Captain Phil, my favorite), but I find it hard to just watch without doing something else. Why is this?

Okay, so I am contemplating more than just these things (like will the hydrogen peroxide I’m using in place of bleach get my sheets as white as bleach? Is putting into the ‘bleach’ space in my washer the thing to do?), these are the ones that are in the forefront of my mind.


Linked up to Top Ten Tuesday at Amanda’s, even though this is technically 11 things, I think. I’m not actually sure – I had a really hard time counting this list. Anyway, go check out some Top Ten’s with more point than mine. That actually only list 10 things.