One of my last tasks before I finished up my job was our annual Graduate Banquet.

Every year, we host a special luncheon for our graduation high school seniors, as well as recognize them during our morning service.

In the past, the event was coordinated by some parents, but since all of their children have graduated, this year, it was totally taken care of by my boss and I.

After looking at the decorations that had been used for the past several years, we decided we needed to totally revamp.

Think black tulle, artificial red roses, etc. Not exactly high school style.

Our goal was to inject a little fun into the celebration in both the food (we had two ice cream bars), and the decorations.

After a lot of Googl-ing, I found a blog where I woman had used a Crystal Light container, pencils, rubber bands, and some flowers for her daughter to take when she went to meet her Kindergarten teacher. I can’t find the link anymore; I saved it on my work computer, which I don’t have access to anymore.

Anyway, we used that as the jumping off point for our centerpieces. Because we wanted these to last for several years, we hot-glued our pencils to the Crystal Light container. We then used a rubber band to make sure the pencils were secure, and then glued ribbon around the pencils to dress it up a little.

To make our centerpieces last, and to be more cost effective, we used artificial flowers instead of fresh.

Making these, I thought they would be a super cute way to take flowers to someone graduating with a teaching degree, a pencil cup for an office, or, made with colored pencils, cute in a craft room. You could also use crayons for a kid’s desk or craft area.

And really, once you get the hang of the hot gluing (it’s a little difficult to get the pencils straight and to line up), this is really a super easy project that packs a big impact!