1. Prepare two more freezer meals. I didn’t, but my mom did. That counts, right?

2. Finish “The God of the Hive” and “Baby Wise.” Half done. I finished “The God of the Hive,” but not “Baby Wise.”

3. Buy a birth ball.

4. Set up the dresser as a changing table.

5. Pack our bags for the hospital. And thank goodness they were packed and ready!

6. Have our carseat installed by the local firemen.

7. Call the pediatrician I’d like to use and make sure they have openings. Nope. But, I did get the pediatrician I wanted anyway!

8. Write a letter to Janeth.

9. Have this baby!

10. Adjust to life as a parent and with a baby. This might actually still be in process since Hubby is still home, but I’m going to count it anyway.


1. Write a letter to Janeth. Include photos, stickers and coloring pages.

2. Don’t let any of the meals brought to us go to waste.

3. Get Colton eating well, gaining weight, and fitting into his 0 to 3 month clothes!

4. Find myself some pants that fit.

5. Come up with something nice to do for our anniversary.

6. Write two posts that have nothing to do with the bambino.

7. Get comfortable taking Colton places in his wrap.

8. Finish planning games and get prizes for a friend’s baby shower.