Well, not actually my closet, but the baby’s.

Hubby and I have never shared a closet since we moved into our house. Built in 1953, we have the typical teeny, maybe 3-foot wide closets in our bedrooms. Even with the custom organizing system Hubby built in our closet, there was still only room for my clothes.

So, Hubby had just finished building a custom organizing system in the office for his clothes when we found out about the bambino. Since the system had been built for use by a full-grown man, I wondered if it suit the needs of a baby boy.

Not to worry! The system fits our needs perfectly, even without any modifications.

The three rods have allowed me to organize the clothes by size — up to 6 months on the bottom, up to 12 month above them, and outerwear on the right side.

The cubbies Hubby made (by cutting the wall back to the studs) for his shoes, store extra wipes, bath supplies, etc.

The top shelf has plenty of storage for diapers (its possible I went a little overboard with coupons and diaper sales, especially considering this isn’t my entire stash!)

We didn’t even have to remove Hubby’s tie and belt organizer! It’s transitioned well to holding our diaper bag and our sleepy wrap. Plus, all the other hooks Hubby installed for his various bags and other gear work great for hanging hats, bibs, etc.

So that’s the baby’s closet. Stay tuned for more nursery details!