Interestingly enough, according to my doctor, I’m already 40 weeks pregnant. His chart has me 6 days ahead of where I have thought, for nearly 40 weeks, I was.

I am probably the only person on the face of the planet who thinks their due date is a week later than it really is, and is actually a little upset to find out that it’s earlier.

So this week’s doctor’s appointment was full of fun! I didn’t get checked, and since I’m not having any contractions (that I can feel), it doesn’t seem like I’m in labor in any way, shape or form.

So we got to talk about induction!

We also talked about sweeping my membranes at our next appointment if things don’t seem to have changed.

I’m more okay with the second option than the first, but I need to research it more to be sure I’m really more comfortable with that than an induction.

I’m still hopeful, especially based on my last visit, that I’ll go on my own in the next week. Before my appointment. Or, actually the day of my appointment. Because how fun would that be!?

I’ve been trying to walk and do other things that are supposed to get labor going, no luck yet.I can feel a lot of pressure from his head, especially when walking, so I think that’s good. I’m also having a lot of rear pressure, which is not so much fun. Let’s stop that.

Other than that though, I feel really, really good. Now that I can sleep in and rest during the day I feel a lot better and a lot less tired. I feel like I am waking up slightly more frequently than I was, but I am almost always able to fall back asleep easily, which is really nice and makes the middle of the night wake-ups not so bad.

We got our curtains yesterday, and once we get them up the room will be finished! I can’t wait to share photos. The room just makes me happy; I love to sit in there and just admire mine and Hubby’s hard work and imagine what having a baby in there will be like.