Even though I’m pretty sure Junie has enough clothes right now, thanks to friends, family, co-workers and my consignment shopping, I still love trolling etsy for cute clothes and other baby items. After all, I still don’t have enough clothes for Junie to have an outfit for everyday he can fit in 3-6 month clothes! So far, here are some of my favorites I’ve found so far.

Stroller Cover — to protect that expensive investment and keep it clean for future users!

Guitar Beanie — So, so cute!

Patchwork Jumper — I adore this jumper! I can’t decide if it would look good with a monogram, or if that would make me like it less.

Handpainted Picture Frame — I love the alien! This would go wonderfully with Junie’s rocket and space room, without being super matchy.

Needle Felted Wooly Ball Toys — Have you seen anything cuter? And they’d be easy for baby to grab onto and play with.

Love You to the Moon Locket — Okay, this is totally for me, but I love it, its technically baby related, and this is my blog, so it goes on the list. The “Love you to the moon and back” saying is perfect for what we’ve chosen for the room, and will always represent my first baby to me. I’m not sure what I would have engraved on the inside, but I know I love it.

Kite Away Blanket — This blanket (quilt?) is one of the cutest I’ve seen. I’m not sure a baby would care about the kite and adorable little boy, but what mom wouldn’t love to see her adorable baby wrapped in such a soft, cute blankie?

Monkey Lovey — Junie’s already been given a couple of lovies, so we don’t need another, but if we didn’t have one, this would definitely show up on our front porch! The monkey face is too cute, and the orange is gender neutral. Hmm…this might make a great gift for my friend who isn’t finding out what she’s having!

Memory Book — A week ago, I suddenly realized I needed one of these to record all of the adorable things the bambino does (and my handwriting). I couldn’t find a book I liked locally, but I found this one, which I LOVE. I really like that this book has lots of pages, specific for months and milestones, AND it has a 14 month calendar to record little things each day. This one, I think will be making its way to my house.

Monthiversary Onsies — I love the idea of monthly onsies. I’m not sure if I’m sold on them for me yet, but if I did decide to go that route for a monthly picture, I think I would choose something like these robot onsies. I love that they’re a little different than what’s normaly done for boys (cars, trains, dogs, bugs), and that it related to our room without screaming coordination.