1. Write a letter to Janeth. Written, but not mailed.

2. Memorize 2 passages of scripture. Complete, total and utter failure. Ugh.

3. Freeze at least one other meal.Done! I made and froze easy chicken enchiladas.

4. Write thank you notes to all my friends who helped purchase our crib. Noooo! But I kept up on all my other thank you notes!

5. Wash the crib and basinett bedding.

6. Keep the house clean in anticipation for my May 15th party! We ended up not having it, but I did clean the house!

7. Invite people to come to my May 15th party! See above.

8. Find something awesome and fatherly for Hubby’s first Father’s Day (gotta plan ahead since I’ll either be ginormous, swollen and tired, or exhausted and covered in spit up). Finished! I hope he likes it — its hard to plan a first Father’s Day gift when you don’t have a child yet!

9. Make sure our family bassinet meets firmness requirements. Hubby replaced four of the old springs with new, and we’re adding some cardboard beneath the mattress just to be doubly sure we’re firm enough.

10. Practice learning the settings on my new(!!!!) camera. Yes! Still not super great with it, but I’m taking much better photos, and have turned it off of auto several times!

11. Read BabyWise. Started, but not finished, so I’ll give myself half-credit.

It looks like I had a pretty good month, but I wish I’d staid more on top of some of the things I didn’t do. At least there’s only room for improvement!


Since we better be should be having our baby this month, I’m going to keep the goals simple so there’s not so much pressure!

1. Prepare two more freezer meals.

2. Finish “The God of the Hive” and “Baby Wise.”

3. Buy a birth ball.

4. Set up the dresser as a changing table.

5. Pack our bags for the hospital.

6. Have our carseat installed by the local firemen.

7. Call the pediatrician I’d like to use and make sure they have openings.

8. Write a letter to Janeth

9. Have this baby!

10. Adjust to life as a parent and with a baby.