It’s been a great six seasons. I’ll miss you, but I sure am going to enjoy reliving each moment knowing how it ended, looking for clues I missed. Still, I can’t believe I’ll never see a new episode.

I was pleased with this final episode. From the very beginning, the episode was character driven — which is one of the things I love about LOST. Usually, I try to take notes during the show so I can keep everything that happens straight in my head, but the opening of the show made me put down my laptop and soak everything in.

I loved the scene where Hurley shot Charlie with a tranquilizer gun. Such an un-Hurley like thing to do, but it was done in such a Hurley-like way, and funny too. I did find it interesting that Charlie, though he had a near-death experience and seemed to be remembering Claire, didn’t actually have any memories from the island.

I ADORED Sawyer and Juliette’s side-flash reunion. For me, that was the very, very best one. It was just so touching, and passionate, and wonderful. I guess part of what made it so great for me is that we’ve seen how Sawyer has had a hard time dealing with his grief after Juliette’s death, and seeing them finally together again was wonderful.

An arm-flailing highlight for me was Rose and Bearnard’s appearance. Rose’s dry humor is just so great: “Well, we built this place in ’75. Lived here a couple of years, and then the sky lit up again…so…who knows when in the hell we are anymore.”

But, the real thing to talk about is the ending.

I liked how the ending scene mirrored the pilot’s opening scene. I thought it was a poignant and clever ending to the show. However, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “I’m dead. Oh, and you’re dead too, Jack. Everyone’s dead,” thing at the end. Have they always been dead? Were the sideflashes just their dead “lives?” I really would have loved a little more clarity here; a little more explanation would go a long way towards making me feel less like the ending is a cop-out. I mean, I will hang with LOST through a lot of things — like the light-pool having a giant drain plug, but everyone’s dead and this is some kind of weird heaven you can only get to if you let yourself!? I just don’t know if I follow the writers well enough to get there.

What about you? Did Christian Shepherd’s explanation make sense to you? Are you like me — confused but still mostly happy about how the show ended?

And, since I adore Hurley, there’s nothing like closing my final LOST post with my favorite Hurley quote of the night: “Doesn’t sound like he said anything about anything.” – Sawyer “That’s kinda true dude, he’s worse than Yoda.” – Hurley