Its no longer a bump y’all, its a bulge. Or a basketball. Take your pick.

I’m still feeling ready, but really ready now. Last week I was feeling ready to be done being pregnant, and now I’m feeling ready to have a baby. As ready as you can be at any rate. It still doesn’t really feel like this baby is going to come out of me, or even that he’s really there.

I had my first internal exam this week, and my doctor said baby boy is head down, and things are moving in the right direction (I’m about 1 cm dilated, so nothing to really get excited about). When he said he could feel the head, I thought “so there really is a baby in there!” I really and truly cannot explain how surreal all of this is to me.

This week has been really, really good. I haven’t been as tired as I have been, and have felt quite comfortable. Hubby and I have also had some really great times together this week too. Even though there are still plenty of things I want to do while its still just the two of us, if Junie came before we had time to do them, after this week I’d be happy.

We went to our church picnic on Sunday evening, had a nice, but quick, dinner out before our last childbirth class Monday night, and had a great breakfast out on Tuesday before our doctor’s appointment. Sure the food was good and it was nice to get out, but we just had a great time being together, talking and just enjoying each others company. Since Hubby’s not really a talker, having free-flowing conversation isn’t always that easy for us, much less to have it three days in a row! Its just felt like a special week, and I’m thankful for those times.