35 weeks, and 35 days that is!

The finish line is getting closer and closer, and I’m feeling more and more ready for Junie to make his appearance!

I’m feeling like he’s getting a little lower, but not much — he’s still got a ways to go. When I go to the doctor on Tuesday, he’ll check me to see if I’m making any progress. I’m trying really, really hard to keep telling myself that I’m not making any progress and that Junie is going to make a late appearance, but that’s getting harder and harder.

Lately I’ve been having some major heartburn at night, but only when I roll over. I don’t have heartburn during the day, or if I do, its super mild and passes quickly. My night time heartburn? Not so much. Its long, super painful, and often times makes me feel nauseous. Even though rolling over has become quite the production, it seems like the heartburn is overkill.

Other than that though, I’m still feeling good. I haven’t had any swelling, don’t have any Braxton-Hicks contractions, or any other significant discomforts.

Recently I’ve felt like I’m not in a good place with my gestational diabetes. For the most part, my numbers are still fairly good the two times a day I test, but when I know I don’t have to test, I don’t do as well and I don’t feel like my attitude about it has been good lately. Yesterday, I had ice cream and cake with my dinner, even though I knew it would make my blood sugar and that I would have to test. It wasn’t crazy high, but my attitude of “I’m pregnant and I’ll eat it if I want it” bothered me a lot. So I’ve put myself back on testing four times a day for the time being, until I feel like my attitude and diet when I know I don’t have to test are better.

Speaking of cake, I ate it at a little “shower” my boss had for me with the kids Wednesday night. All of our adult teachers and outreach leaders went in and got us a pack n’ play and a diaper genie, and well as a few other things, like some newborn onsies. Several of the students brought their own gifts as well, which was really sweet. One of my favorite girls was even able to make it after she told me she wouldn’t be able to because of band practice. But, she decided to miss part of it so she could come! Hubby got to come too, which made it extra-special, since I’ve gotten to do all the opening and admiring so far.

Afterwards, some of the boys were asking me if we’d picked any names out yet. Yes we have, but we can’t decide! So they decided to give me some naming advice — something short, manly and Biblical. Hmmm…Boaz?