A while back, Hubby and I joined a CSA group. Now that the growing season has started, we just had our first pick-up last week.

The farm we joined, Water Bear Mountain Farm, has several different options available, the full size, enough for a family of four adults; the half, enough for two adults; and the mini, enough for one. Hubby and I chose the mini, partly because we thought the amount of veggies would still be enough for the two of us, and because the monthly price for this size was about what we spend weekly at the grocery store. We figured that what we weren’t buying would make the difference.

If you aren’t familiar with a CSA, its basically Community Supported Agriculture, where non-crop growing community members pledge to support the farm by purchasing a set amount of crops throughout the season. It works for the farm because they know how many crops to plant and have a guaranteed market, and it works for those who support the farm because you get fresh, organic produce for  a fraction of what you would pay in a grocery store. Of course, the community members also take some risk because if the growing season is poor, they won’t get the produce they paid for.

So far, though, it seems to be working out for us! We’ve received spinach, which we used in enchiladas, salad mix, which we used in salads, and green onions, used in both salads and enchiladas. Oh, we also get a freshly baked loaf of break with each delivery.

We selected a Mountain loaf, a hearty whole wheat, that has a thick crust and has sort of a nutty taste. Not to mention, its beautiful!