Only 6 more weeks to go! I really cannot believe we’re this far along and that in a few short weeks we’ll have a baby — it still seems surreal.

One of my co-workers told me it looked like the baby is heading down, but I really don’t think I’ve dropped yet. I’m still feeling a good bit of movement up under the girls, which seems quite high to me, even if it is just Junie’s feet. Speaking of movements, they’ve started feeling a lot different, like someone’s pushing against the inside of my stomach and pushing down. Its totally weird. That, and I’ve seen my belly jump at least an inch while I’ve just been chilling on the couch. Craziness.

I’m still feeling like I’m winding down; I’m tired, and my back, shoulders and legs seem to always be sore. And after a nice, long hiatus, my heartburn seems to be back. Bummer. But, luckily for me, these things are all still pretty mild, so I’m still pretty comfortable and happy most of the time.

The Gestational Diabetes is still being well controlled with diet. In fact, my doctor was so pleased with my numbers last week, that he’s allowed me to test only twice a day, as opposed to four. In a weird way, I miss testing just because I liked to know what was going on in my body. But I think I’m doing a good job of keeping my diet the same when I’m not testing, I have noticed that the finger prick seems to hurt more, instead of less, as I’ve continued testing, which seems counter-intuitive. I think its mostly because I’ve been using the same finger primarily for most of my tests.

Even though I’m tired and sleeping more, I still have quite the list of things I want to do before the baby comes. I want to freeze meals, but I also want to do a lot of things with Hubby while its still relatively easy to get out and while its just the two of us. I’d love to go to a local baseball game, play putt-putt, have a picnic, go to the movies, and have a “last supper” at my favorite upscale eatery. Of course, our weekends are jam-packed, but I’m hoping we can squeeze most of them in. Is there anything else you think we should add?

Also, what is the deal with the circle around my belly button? It doesn’t seem to be noticeable looking down, but looking at the picture makes me cringe a little. Yuck.

People have started to tell me that I’m waddling, which is WONDERFUL. Yes, that’s what every pregnant woman wants to be told — they waddle. And please, if you must tell a pregnant woman this, or point it out loudly in her presence, please do not follow it up with laughter.

My favorite pregnancy photo so far — capturing the enormity of my belly.