April seemed to fly by for me — anyone else? Even though life seemed to move super fast, I still feel like I got a lot done last month, but lets see how I did on my monthly goals!

1. Memorize 2 passages of scripture. I memorized one — Micah 6:8, so I’ll give myself half credit.

2. Find a bassinet mattress. If I can’t find one locally, order one.

3. Finish painting trim and ceiling and replace all trim. Yes! Finally construction has ceased!

4. Organize the kitchen pantry and cupboards to make room for new plastic dishes.

5. Clean and organize the hall closet so Hubby has room for his clothes, vacuum, and possibly a dresser.

6. Write Janeth a letter. No. And I got one from her too.

7. Find a new dresser.

8. Charge both the batteries for our new video camera and learn to make a short video. Hubby had a lot of heart-ache over this one and had to find a video converter online, but he figured it out!

9. Start fixing freezer meals. I have two easy lasagna’s ready to go!

10. Pick out curtain fabric. I can’t wait to see how this comes together!

Dang, I think that’s the best I’ve done in a long time! April definitely was a good month!


Here’s hoping May is just as productive as April! I’m not counting on it though, so I’m planning to make my goals a little simpler this time around.

1. Write a letter to Janeth.

2. Memorize 2 passages of scripture.

3. Freeze at least one other meal.

4. Write thank you notes to all my friends who helped purchase our crib.

5. Wash the crib and basinett bedding.

6. Keep the house clean in anticipation for my May 15th party!

7. Invite people to come to my May 15th party!

8. Find something awesome and fatherly for Hubby’s first Father’s Day (gotta plan ahead since I’ll either be ginormous, swollen and tired, or exhausted and covered in spit up).

9. Make sure our family bassinet meets firmness requirements.

10. Practice learning the settings on my new(!!!!) camera.

11. Read BabyWise.