I’m feeling it this week.


Last week, and even early this week, I wondered if I would feel ready to be done. I was comfortable, not real complaints, and not really anxious to have a baby here.

Now? I wonder at just about every move I make — is this necessary? Is there an easier way to do this? My feet hurt. My shoulders hurt. My hips hurt. And I’m tired.

Maybe its just the end of the week though. I’ve noticed Mondays are some of my best feeling days since I’m rested from the weekend.

And, even though I feel ready to no longer be pregnant, I’m not certain I’m ready to have a newborn at home either!

The highlight of my week was finding soynut butter at a local grocery store! I’ve been craving peanut butter for a long time since I’ve been pregnant, but because I had a childhood peanut allergy and Hubby has a severe nut allergy, my doctor recommended I stay away from nut products. Even though I’ve been dying for something, anything, with peanut butter, I haven’t been able to have any. Until now.

Now, soynut butter doesn’t taste the same to me as peanut butter, but on toast, with a little bit of strawberry preserves, it is super, super tasty.

I still haven’t had any Braxton-Hicks contractions, or any other labor signs, but at my appointment this week, my doctor said he thought Junie had moved from my left to my right side, and was head down. I haven’t dropped or anything yet, but the fact that he’s moving that way is a good sign! It almost makes me excited for my first internal in three weeks.