Growing up, death was dinner table conversation at my house.

Not like, morbid detail type discussions, but casual, general and occasionally humorous discussions.

If my brother and I ever said something like, “I can’t do that — I’ll die,” or “eating those carrots will kill me!” My dad would reply, “well, we all die sometime.”

My parents took us to funerals of family members who had died, gravesides, etc. and we learned that death is a very normal and natural part of life.

We have discussed with my parents what they want for their funerals (my dad wants an open urn funeral), and what they would want to happen to them in different health situations.

Not so for Hubby’s family.

They don’t talk about death, they aren’t open or have ever even mentioned what their wishes would be in certain health situations. Now, there is a good bit of an age gap in between mine and Hubby’s parents, so maybe this is more of a generational thing, but I’m curious. Does your family talk openly about death and last wishes, or is it a topic that’s never mentioned, or do you fall somewhere in between?