Never something you want to hear Smokey/Flocke say!

Last night’s episode, “The Last Recruit,” continues along with the great classic LOST episodes. We followed all of our favorite Losties on the island and off, and see many more of our sideflash Losties reunite, including Jack and Claire. I especially loved that this episode didn’t focus on one particular character, but the relationships between the characters. It was great seeing them interact more, something I think we’ve missed in the last couple of episodes this season, since they’ve been driven mostly by one character.

We Learned:

* Flocke inhabited Christian Shepherd’s body, telling Jack he was trying to help him find water, and that he can only be in a body if it’s dead when it arrives to the island. Yet again, I’m still not totally satisfied with this answer because what about Richard’s wife? Her body wasn’t on the Black Rock! I’m willing to stretch for it though, but I’m just not completely satisfied.

* Jin and Sun are finally reunited!! And we thought it might not ever happen. And, once she and Jin are together again, she can speak English — its magic! (No, not really. Well, maybe. But! I have a theory!)

* Sun recognizes Locke (or seems to) in the sideflashes, but despite the massive amounts of Lostie encounters, no one else really seems to. Maybe this is because Sun’s fear for her pregnancy mimics the fear she had that something Ben had done would affect the life of her child.

* According to Sayid, Desmond is dead. BUT, we didn’t see it happen, so I won’t believe it. Not yet. Desmond is too awesome to be dead.

* Smokey’s logic of why they can/should leave the island now is flawed. He says they couldn’t leave because Jacob was alive and was preventing them, but now that Jacob is dead, they are free to leave. EXCEPT, Jack and the other Losties left on the helicopter while Jacob was still alive! Jacob realizes this, and decides that Smokey wants them to leave because he’s afraid of what will happen if they stay. Sounds like good logic to me!

Interesting things:

* We’re back to some of our original Lostie factions — Ben and Richard, Jack, Locke and Sawyer all have opposing views and are going head-to-head.

* Poor Miles, no one seems to care if he gets off the island or not.

* Just when we think everything is going swimmingly with Sawyer’s plans, the deal with Widmore is suddenly off (this confused me — why? Did I miss something here?), and Sawyer’s group is forced to their knees at gunpoint while Flocke’s group is fired on. Poor Jack seems injured, and the show closes with words you REALLY, REALLY don’t ever want to hear him say, “don’t worry, you’re with me now.”

* Can Sun suddenly speak English again because her sideflash self remembers the island, her alternate life, and her ability to speak English? Smokey says he had nothing to do with it — maybe its a manifestation of the sideflash in present?

My favorite one-liner, from Hurley of course: “You can always bring people back from the dark side.. Anakin?”

What did you think? Anyone else finding it hard to believe we’re close to the end?