I know I’ve mentioned here before that I work as a Ministry Assistant to my church’s Student Pastor, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked in detail about what all that entails.

Among my many other duties keeping track of attendance and visitors, mailings, and event planning, I also spend a good amount of time designing our various publications. Since our Student Pastor first started here in September, we’ve greatly increased our publications, and I thought you might like to see something I recently finished.

With my boss’s arrival, we’ve made several changes to the structure of our ministry, as well as the general “feel,” and we hope that our brochure for visiting students and their parents captures that.

I am super, super excited about how it turned out! Now, before you go and get all impressed with me, I did have help on this project. Because I have no access to Photoshop, I had our wonderful graphics and media person recolor and change a few elements in the major inside graphic, as well as the front graphic, which were both purchased from istockphoto. However, the text, layout and photos were all selected by me.

Basically, the project was a collaboration between myself and the graphics person, which is another reason I love my job. The team effort is all kinds of fantastic.