I had my very first baby shower this weekend, with the ladies I work with. I cannot say enough what a wonderful event it was!

I really wondered how we would entertain ourselves for very long without the help of games since we see each other 5 days a week, but we managed never to talk about work and the conversation always flowed nicely.

And, most importantly, the food was great!

It was especially nice to see one of my co-workers, Marcella, who had open heart surgery a month ago. I knew she wanted to come, but since her recovery was taking a little longer than she originally anticipated, I didn’t know if she would be able to make it or not. The day before, I found out she would be able to come! It was so wonderful to see her and find out more about how she is doing (very well — she really looked great!).

I was wonderfully blessed by all the gifts I received as well. From wipes, diapers, bedding, clothing and even my much coveted Boon Frog Pod, we are now so much closer to being able to bring home our little boy.

Opening gifts was a wonderful time of conversation and learning for me since all of the ladies I work with are older than me, and many of them are grandmothers. Many of them shared how they didn’t think they could have made it through the early months without certain things, or how much their grandchildren loved a particular toy or item. Most of them had never heard of the Frog Pod, and they were all fascinated with how it worked and the great storage it provides.

This onsie was one of my favorites. And I like to think its true too.

My co-worker who gave me this hat when I first told her Hubby and I were having a baby crocheted a blanket and new, blue hat. I ADORE this! I just love knowing that our little guy is already so loved that someone would take all the time and effort to hand-make him something. Too, too sweet.

Now, thanks to my co-workers, our nursery is starting to look habitable by a small person! And, all their gifts inspired me to get crafty. I’ve just finished two DIY pieces of “art” for the room that I can’t wait to share with you later!