It’s hard to believe, but 10 weeks ago we found we were having a boy. Now, I’m stressing that my little guy won’t have a room that’s perfectly ready for him when he gets here. Totally minor I know, so let’s just blame that obsessive worrying on hormones, shall we?

How far along?: 31 weeks — single digits in the weeks left!

Total weight gain: According to my doctor’s office, I lost weight over the last two weeks. Personally, based on my (noclotheson) weighing, I’ve just held steady. Either way, I’m still going to stick to 20.

How big is Baby?: Somewhere in the 3 pound range, I think. All I really know is, he apparently likes to have his body on my right side, and punch me on my left.

Maternity clothes?: All the time. Except for pajamas. The pajamas are holding out, sitting under the belly. And they were biggish to begin with.

Stretch marks?: It looks like I have a few on one side of my belly, but nothing really noticeable or any large patches yet.

Sleep?: I think I’m going to be getting up to go to the bathroom once a night now. At least this has been the trend the last couple of nights. It may be due to how much water I drink before bed though, as I can’t seem to stop drinking even though I know I should. Also, I slept last night without my maternity pillow and LOVED it.

Best moment this week?: Finding out my gestational diabetes is easily controlled!

Movement?: A good bit; he still has his times where he doesn’t like to move at all and his times where he moves like crazy.

Food cravings?: Last night I really wanted a cinnamon-raisin bagel with eggs, cheese and yogurt. And it was so, soo good.

What I miss: Stomach sleeping.

What I’m looking forward to: A shower with my co-workers this weekend!

Milestone: Single-digit weeks left!