About 30 of our students have been in Nicaragua on a missions trip for Spring Break. Recently, they sent back this picture:

Kids are the same all over the world, aren’t they?

* They also sent back these pictures:

Four students were baptized in an Nicaraguan river!

* Will someone please make and eat these cookies for me? I cannot tell you how much I want one. Better yet, make me some and send them after I have this baby. Along with boiled peanuts.

* Hubby and I went to a Child Care Basics class Saturday, and had a lot of fun with the hands-on things we got to do. I’m not sure if I really feel confident, or even good about, my ability to bathe, swaddle, and diaper an actual infant, but I feel good about my skills with a doll!

* We have our own doll at home that I plan to use to get the dog used to the idea of a baby in the house. I’ve also been practicing my swaddling skills.

* I got my meter on Friday when I went to my Gestational Diabetes class (more on this tomorrow), and my levels have all been really, really great. So much so, that Hubby and I went out for ice cream yesterday!

* Check out this article on vitamins — what you need and what you don’t. Its super interesting!