Let’s review March, shall we?

1. Finish the drywall in the nursery, and prime the walls.

2. Choose a paint color and get some paint on the walls! Totally done! We’re just working on the trim now!

3. Get my sewing skills in gear again and sew something! No. I’m still having issues with my machine.

4. Stay within my monthly grocery budget.

5. Keep my house reasonably clean. I’m counting this because, although it could be cleaner right this minute, it stayed pretty clean most of the month.

6. Try a new quick and easy recipe. I tried Black Bean Fajitas, from $5 Dinners, and was not a fan. But, I have Honey Lime Chicken on tap for tonight, so I’m hoping for better results there.

7. Start walking outside with Hubby now that the snow is mostly gone (hopefully we won’t get the 40 inches Farmer’s Almanac is calling for this month!). I don’t think we even went for one walk. Maybe we went for one, but I don’t think it counts.

8. Call the hospital and sign up for labor and delivery classes gosh darn it! And a few other classes to boot!

9. Memorize two passages of scripture. I am ashamed. I found several I want to memorize, but haven’t done it yet.

10. Keep up with my “Expecting” devotional and my church’s daily devotional.

11. Find a “Grandma Remembers” book for my mother and Hubby’s mother. (I found one of these in my Grandmama’s things after she passed away, and it was so neat!)

72% isn’t too bad! Although, I’m not super happy with some of the things I’m skipping out on. Time to get my rear in gear for April!


1. Memorize 2 passages of scripture.

2. Find a bassinet mattress. If I can’t find one locally, order one.

3. Finish painting trim and ceiling and replace all trim.

4. Organize the kitchen pantry and cupboards to make room for new plastic dishes.

5. Clean and organize the hall closet so Hubby has room for his clothes, vacuum, and possibly a dresser.

6. Write Janeth a letter.

7. Find a new dresser.

8. Charge both the batteries for our new video camera and learn to make a short video.

9. Start fixing freezer meals.

10. Pick out curtain fabric.


Since I have a long-ish weekend this week, I have a few special things I want to be sure to get done:

1. Clean out the fridge.

2. Vacuum and mop the kitchen floors.

3. Neaten the dining room and get it ready for spring

4. Clean family room.

Here’s hoping this month will be super productive!