I don’t think I’ve mentioned here yet that this week and last week are both some of the craziest work weeks I will ever have.

We’re getting ready for one of our three biggest events — Breakaway. If you’re familiar with DiscipleNow, this is a very similar event with a different name. If you aren’t, this is basicaly a giant sleep-over weekend, only with a band, guest speaker, and college students to lead small group discussion. Its designed to be like a mini-summer camp for our students and give them opportunities to grow closer to each other and to Christ.

Its a great weekend, and the kids LOVE it, but man is it a ton of work! Our students don’t spend the night at the church, but are in host homes, so there’s transportation to worry about. And medical and release forms. And food. Have you thought about how much food you need to feed 150 teenagers?

You get a lot of crazy looks in Sam’s.

Since this crazy weekend starts tomorrow, I probably won’t be around much. Or Monday as I try to recover.

Hope ya’ll are having a great weeks!