My mind was just blown. I think that’s one of the most mind-blowing and mind-boggling episodes of Lost I ever.

I’m really glad the island isn’t Hell. At least, I think its not. I’m still not sure who to believe – Jacob or Smokey? If I believe Smokey, the island is Hell; if I believe Jacob, the island is the stopper that holds evil back from the rest of the world.

But who’s telling the truth?

This episode did make me think about the double identities, or two-sided identities people on the island have. For example: Richard/Ricardos, Hurley/Hugo, Dr. Shepherd/Jack, James/Sawyer, plus all the other doubles we have as far as behavior and personality go, as seen in Claire and Kate. Could Jacob and the Man in Black be two sides of the same person?

That’s my biggest new theory, otherwise, all I’ve got are questions:

How come Smokey didn’t kill Richard on Black Rock? Was it because he saw the potential to exploit and use him? Then why didn’t he kill Mr. Eko for a while? Mr. Eko didn’t really seem like he’d bend to Smokey’s will.

How does the knife work? It seems like it can kill both Jacob and the Man in Black, but only if used by another person. Does this confirm that they are two sides of the same person or does it tell us something else about them?

Why can no one go into Jacob’s foot unless he invites them? But Flocke went in without an invitation — how did that happen?

Smokey tells Richard that Jacob took his body and his humanness, so does that mean the pre-Locke body we’ve seen him in isn’t his original body? Or did the loss of his humanness result in the creation of the Black Smoke? (I like the second option.)

And lastly, why is Hurley so awesome?

*Ab aeterno is Latin for since the beginning of time, which I believe refers to Jacob and the Man in Black, not Richard.