We, well mostly Hubby, got a lot of work done over the weekend! We now have four walls, completely dry-walled, and ready to be painted! We cleaned the floors a bit once we finished the sanding, not perfectly, but enough to see a huge improvement in them (we’ll scrub them a couple of times and will also use a floor conditioner). Then we were finally ready to start priming the walls!

One of the problems we had that caused this project to be so long-running was that once we hung up the new drywall on the two outer facing walls, we had two smooth walls and two walls with the original 1950’s plaster texture. I spent an afternoon after work one day experimenting with sanding the texture. I tried scraping with a drywall knife, sanding by hand with a drywall sponge, and finally sanding with our power hand sander.

Gotta wear your safety glasses!!

The hand sander worked best out of all three options, but would have taken a lot of time, not to mention all the sanding pads we would have needed! What we ended up doing was taking a thin coat of the drywall compound over the entire wall to fill in the gaps between the bumps. One coat and some sanding later, we were ready to clean up and prime! (Although I told Hubby I thought sanding would have been better, I think this was the best option in the long run — I stand corrected)

Is it 100% as smooth as the newer walls? No. Is it 90% better than it was? Absolutely! In fact, it might even be better than 90%, as the walls feel pretty darn smooth, with the exception of a very few spots.

For primer, we used Olympic’s no-VOC primer. I was really impressed with how low-oder it was (especially having never used a no-VOC paint or primer before), but I do think the coverage could have been a bit better. One coat covered the new walls perfectly, but I think we will end up doing two coats on our “psychedelic” walls to get the same kind of coverage.

The plan tonight is to get paint samples after work, finish the priming, and then finally decide on a paint color. Hopefully our longest running project is getting ready to come to a close!