I’m back with more pregnancy-approved exercises! All of these can be done if you aren’t pregnant, but are especially great for preggos since you aren’t in danger of falling on or crunching your bambio.

While these exercises have worked wonderfully for me, please remember to consult with your doctor and get his okay to exercise during pregnancy — every woman and every pregnancy is different and may have different restrictions!

I thought about including photos of me doing these to make the motions and positions a little clearer, but then decided that would be too embarrassing, so I hope I described them well enough so you can do them too!

1. Wall Push Ups — great if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing traditional “girl” push ups (on your knees). You can do these two different ways to work different parts of your arm. Face a wall, standing about a foot away from the wall. This may be more or less depending on your height and comfort level. Your arms should be straight, but make sure your elbows aren’t locked. Bend your arms, with your elbows going wide — away from your body — and then push yourself away from the wall. You can also do this with your elbows tight against your body, sort of going in towards to your armpits.

2. Modified Chops — You can actually do these non-modified for a while, but the modified will be good later in pregnancy. Lay on your side, with the more “cushiony” part of your hip bearing most of your weight; if you are doing modified, you do not need to do this. Your bottom arm should be down, supporting your upper body weight, but be sure not to lean into the arm — stay as upright in your upper body as you can. Your top arm should be up, fingers pointed to the ceiling. For modified, lift your top leg up as you bring your arm down, so your arm and leg meet, making a sort of chopping motion. If you are not doing modified, lift both legs together. Make sure you this on both sides — modified or not!

3. Spiderman — There is a much, much harder way to do this (in a full plank, with plates), but I only do the hand-and-knee version now. Get on your hands and knees, and pull one leg out to the side and crunch it up towards your elbow — your other leg and hands should remain on the ground. This works your oblique muscles,  and staying on your hands and knees helps your balance.

4. Genie Turns — You can do these with our without a stability ball, but doing them on a stability ball will give you an increased ab workout since you need to use those muscles more to balance on the ball. In a seated position (on the floor or on the ball), position your arms across your chest, like a genie, then turn to one direction as far as you can while still keeping your hips facing front and pulse three times. This is another great excercise that works your abs and obliques!

5. Leg Crunches — This is another great hand and knee excercise! In the same hand and knee position as Spiderman, take one leg, pull it under you towards your chest, then pull it out towards the back and then out to the side, in the Spiderman motion, back to the back, then back in towards your chest. This will work your abs but will also really work your glutes!

Other great excercise options include walking and swimming — both are low impact and are great for your baby! Of course, these are only a sampling of things you can do while pregnant. And remember, what you are able to do safely will change over the course of your pregnancy — by the third trimester you shouldn’t be doing any exercises that have you on your back for any length of time, so crunches will be out! Hopefully these are 5 great exercises you can do throughout your entire pregnancy!