Over the weekend, I went consignment shopping with one of my friends who’s also expecting. I’ve never been consignment shopping before, but there were two great sales in our area that were just too good to pass up.

And, I made out like a bandit in the clothing department! Between the two sales, I got two big shopping bags stuffed full of clothes in assorted sizes, as well as a big Ziploc bag of socks, pair of shoes, and two toys. I didn’t manage to find any of the big stuff, but found some seriously great clothing deals. My favorite find was an adorable seersucker short-all from Janie and Jack. Would I ever pay full price for these? No. But consignment prices? I am all over that!

Check out three of my favorite finds!

I don’t know if you can see the shoes — but the little circle on the side says “Property of Mom.” Too cute!

After shopping until I dropped, Hubby and I decided I would clean while he worked on the baby’s room, and consequently, the house is pretty clean. No, its still not spotless, but its a lot better than it was. I even managed to deep-clean my living room rug!

We decided to move our dog’s food bowls and food from the kitchen to the basement (where she sleeps and night and stays when we aren’t home. The bowls were way to accessible for a toddler in the kitchen, and the area around them kept getting filthy. By moving the bowls, I think it will better for our dog (she won’t feel like she’s being pushed away or replaced by the baby) and more sanitary in general — less dog-food slobber spread around!

That got me thinking — my parents store their dog food in the garage and feed their dog in the laundry room, but I always thought the kitchen was the norm for dog-feeding. Is this just a product of all of those dog food commercials, or truly the norm? Where do you store food and feed your pet?