I have fabulous co-workers.

Many of them are the kind who will put aside their work to help you make a deadline.

The kind of people who will sit and listen to you talk about what’s going on in your personal life, care and offer advice. And it’s usually good advice!

The kind of people you can work with all day, have dinner with, and still have things to talk about.

Lots of the ladies I work with are animal lovers, and take turns watching each others dogs.

While Hubby and I were visiting family, one of the ladies stopped by our house a couple of times a day to check on, play with, and feed our dog. When I got back in the office on Monday, she told me she decided to buy a bed for Glacier to put in her area in the basement (we have blankets for her, but no bed). She went to PetSmart and bought a bone-shaped bed, similar to the one her dog has.

She was so excited Friday night when she left the bed with Glacier, and certain Glacier would love her new bed.

She came back Saturday morning to stuffing all over the basement, and Glacier standing there, wagging her tail. She said she almost looked proud of her work! My co-worker just laughed and told Glacier that if she didn’t like the bed that was too bad, but she wasn’t getting another one.

How many co-workers, friends, would buy your dog a bed and then laugh when they ripped it to shreds the very next day?