Even though I blog, I try not to get too wrapped up in my stats and just enjoy chronicling our lives. I want to blog for me, not for anyone else. That said, I do like to look at the search engine terms people use and then stumble upon my blog. Some of them are too funny! Here are some of my favorites:

1. Give Birth — No, I haven’t given birth, at least not yet. There are some fun variations to this, like “how to give birth.” If you’re looking for a tutorial or step by step guide, this is not the place. I think this search usually leads people to this LOST post.

2. Lost my Memory and Confused — Poor person! While “pregnancy brain” has been causing me all kinds of problems lately, I can’t really help you figure out how to recreate your lost memories. I wouldn’t recommend tattoo-ing yourself with important facts like in Memento, though.

3. Eldest Reading Response — Tisk, tisk high school student! Stealing my thoughts about the second book the Inheritance Series is plagiarism! Read the book, and write your own thoughts please! That said, I can’t believe an 800+ page book is assigned for school!? Seems a little overboard to me.

4. How Many Times Has Claire Said “My Baby” — I have no idea, but I’m going to with at least 10 in each of the last two episodes. Or too many.

5. Painted Tiles Before and After — I know they make special paint so you can paint tiles now, but please don’t do this! My aunt and uncle painted tiles in one of their old houses, and it looked awful. Maybe it was just them, but its turned me off of painting tiles.

6. Her Head Buzz — Probably one of the more interesting searches I’ve seen pop up. Do you mean Buzz-Cut? Because a girl in my 7th grade math class actually shaved her head. When it grew out to a buzz it was actually really cute.

7. Turning Off a TV — A while ago, I wrote about turning off the TV for an entire week, not a tutorial on how to actually accomplish turning off your TV. Find your remote, push the large red or orange power button, usually located on the top, right hand side of the remote. If you can’t find your remote, you can turn the TV off by getting off the sofa, walking to your TV, and locating the power button. If all else fails, unplug it.

8. Fun House Layout — I like to think my house is fun, but a fun house with clowns and creepy body-distorting mirrors? No thank you.

Do you get any funny or strange searches?