Thursday night, Hubby had to go out of town unexpectedly. We had plans with another couple to work on mudding Junie’s room on Sunday. Since Hubby wasn’t going to be here, he asked me to talk to them and cancel.

I talked to them, but I didn’t cancel.

Instead, I had them come about 5 PM on Saturday and we got to work. They came back Sunday afternoon, and we almost had at least one coat of mud on everything, and almost surprised him, but he came back just a tad too early for us. Hubby was surprised though, especially since I had done a lot of the work.

They came back again last night to touch up some areas and give Hubby a little mudding lesson, and it looks like we’ll be on to sanding soon.

I was suprised by how simple the mudding was — not a long, difficult drawn out process. And, it uses a more artistic than handy skill set, so it was right up my alley! Apparently, Hubby was impressed as he told me I could help him take on a few more projects, something he doesn’t often let me do.

Have you surprised someone lately with some home project? Have you ever hung drywall or mudded before — was it a good experience?