1. Write Janeth a letter.

2. Thread my sewing machine and attempt to sew something. The attempt to sew something wasn’t super successful, but I did successful thread the machine!

3. Buy a gender appropriate outfit once we find out if Junie is a boy or a girl!

4. Clean something every weeknight. I honestly have no idea if I actually did this, but I know my house is a lot cleaner this month, so I’m counting it!

5. Take my reusable grocery bags with me when I buy household supplies at Wal-Mart.

6. Sign-up for Labor and Delivery class as well as Child Care Basics through my hospital.

7. Memorize two passages of scripture. Not even one. I am ashamed.

8. Read the book of James.

9. Catch up on my “Expecting” devotional book. Soo, soo close.

10. Do something fun with Hubby!


Horay for a successful month! Here’s hoping March is just as productive!

1. Finish the drywall in the nursery, and prime the walls.

2. Choose a paint color and get some paint on the walls!

3. Get my sewing skills in gear again and sew something!

4. Stay within my monthly grocery budget.

5. Keep my house reasonably clean.

6. Try a new quick and easy recipe.

7. Start walking outside with Hubby now that the snow is mostly gone (hopefully we won’t get the 40 inches Farmer’s Almanac is calling for this month!).

8. Call the hospital and sign up for labor and delivery classes gosh darn it!

9. Memorize two passages of scripture.

10. Keep up with my “Expecting” devotional and my church’s daily devotional.

11. Find a “Grandma Remembers” book for my mother and Hubby’s mother. (I found one of these in my Grandmama’s things after she passed away, and it was so neat!)