Holy canolie! I had a dream earlier in the week about LOST where I figured everything out. I had something to do with acolytes and some kind of feathery-looking plant frond. Somehow, I don’t think that’s the answer. Unfortunately, none of that had anything to do with tonight’s episode.

And really, all I have to say about tonight is:

  • NOOOO!!! NOT CLAIRE! I didn’t want her to have the darkness, I didn’t want her to be friends with Flocke (I really wanted her friend to be Charlie), but she is. And, I’m thinking chances are slim to none that she can go back to normal. (Also, how creepy was the fake baby she made?)

Okay, I have more to say than that, but that’s the most important thing. Other important things include:

  • Jack apparently as a teenage son, David. We find out about this in the no-crash scenario, so who knows if this is part of the things that change when the plan doesn’t crash or if its new information we’ve not had before. Oh, and Jack runs into Dogen and his son, and Dogen tells Jack that David “has a gift.”
  • Also, no-crash Jack seems to have scars he acquired on the island during the crash. My theory is that each scenario is happening in tandem — at the same time Jack is trying to save lives in the crash, his plane is landing.
  • Hurley sees Jacob again, and he has Hurley get Jack to come with him to a large, old stone lighthouse. Jack notices that their names are on the degrees of the lighthouse wheel, and that his degree shows his childhood home in the mirrors. Angry that someone has been spying on him for so long, Jack breaks all the mirrors.
  • Jacob is happy with this, even though it’s not what he told Hurley he wanted done. Apparently, Jack has some important job to do, but he has to figure it all our on his own, and seeing his house in the mirror was part of it.
  • Oh, and someone bad is coming to the temple. Apparently, he’s bringing Claire too.
  • Claire’s pissed — if she realizes Kate had taken Aaron and had been raising him for three years, she’ll kill her. Oh great.

So, in light of this great new information, I have some questions and observations:

  1. Has Jack always had a son, or is this something that only happens in the no-crash world?
  2. Hurley for candidate! Or whatever you graduate to from candidate. He’s my favorite character right now.
  3. Is Jack’s big task going to be saving the island? Does the island need saving, is he going to save Jacob?
  4. If Locke showed up in Claire’s hut, does that mean he’s not leaving the island with Sawyer? Is Sawyer with him?
  5. Can you save someone who has the darkness? Is the darkness really a bad thing (ie: does the darkness enable you to see things more clearly? I’m going with no, because Claire can’t see she was manipulated to leave Aaron, but we don’t actually know why she left Aaron, so that may not be true. But then, if she was seeing things more clearly, she would know the Other’s don’t have Aaron.)
  6. Jacob gets Jack to follow Hurley by having Hurley ask him “do you have what it takes.” Jack’s dad frequently told him he didn’t have what it takes. Did Jacob know this because he has been watching Jack, or because he and Christian are in cahoots?
  7. What happened to Christian? Claire obviously sees Christian and Flocke as too separate people, so it would seem like Christian’s body wasn’t taken over by Smokey.

Best one-liners of the night? ” I just lied to a samurai.” and “You and me, trekking through the jungle, on our way to do something we don’t quite understand; you know, good times.”