When Junie comes, Hubby really wants me to be able to stay home. And I do too.

We know things will be tight financially, but it really doesn’t make sense for me to go back to work since what I make working would really just cover day care. Why pay for someone else to watch my child when doing so doesn’t leave us any extra money?

So, we are looking for ways to cut back. We’re generally pretty frugal people, so there aren’t too many places we can cut back, but we’ve identified a few we can try to make some changes in. Things like, cutting back cable, taking shorter showers, and planning out grocery trips more carefully.

For a while, I fed Hubby and I on $40 a week. Then I stopped, and we spent about $60 to $70 per week. I’m going to make some changes and try to get us down to $45 per week. I’ve given a good bit of thought to how I can do this, and here are some of the strategies I’m going to try to implement:

  • Make meal plans considering both what is on sale and what I already have.
  • Don’t buy things I wouldn’t normally purchase just because I they’re on sale.
  • Consider going to two grocery stores. Yes, this will be a pain, but our Food Lion seems to have better meat prices, which I think would really help us save.
  • Consider making larger, once-a-month trips to Sam’s for things that keep well as well as things I can freeze.
  • Eat the generic cereal that comes in the big bags.
  • Wash plastic sandwich bags out so I can reuse them again and again.
  • Try making my own bread. I’m most excited about this one. “Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day” was highly recommended to me, and I’m excited about doing something that’s simple and quick and a great way to save.

Those are the ideas I currently have in mind, and I’m hoping by making some of these changes the $45 a week can cover all the food we eat, plus a bag of dog food every-other week and then diapers or wipes on the other week (before the baby comes), to help us stockpile diapers. Is there anything you do, or things you are trying to do, to help save money on groceries?