I do the very best blog writing in my head. I’ve written dozens upon dozens of brilliant, intelligent, funny posts while I’m in the shower, folding laundry, cooking and grocery shopping.

Most of these I’ve never even attempted to start, probably because I can’t remember what they were about! Some I haven’t written because I’m not sure I could do my feelings justice or because the thought of sharing them makes me a bit nervous, but some I still have dreams of writing. Here are some of the topics that I would jump at the chance to write about:

  • A multi-part series about my time in Africa.
  • How to build a pregnancy wardrobe (I looked for a guide like this before I purchased any maternity wear, and couldn’t find anything like I was looking for.)
  • More about my job and work with the students in my church.
  • The story of my grandmother and her identical twin sister (who just happen to live across the street from each other).
  • The story of the plastic surgery I had when I was 19.
  • A guide to working out when pregnant.
  • The story of one man and one dog he didn’t think he wanted.
  • Reflections as we try to whittle down our monthly expenses and cut back on our grocery bill.
  • A post (or several) from Glacier’s point of view.
  • The story of mine and Hubby’s relationship.

Many of these things reflect the direction I think I want to move in with my blog. I’m still not sure what, if any of these things I ultimately want to write about. I do know I want to write about what you want to read about, so what do you think of this list? Are there things you really want to hear about on here? Things you want to hear about that aren’t here? Let me know!

Also, special thanks to those of you who commented on yesterday’s post. I am thinking about having more posts in this vein, and your comments were so kind and me feel like this is definitely the way to go. Thank you!


Check out more lists at Oh!Amanda! I promise, her blog really is a lot of fun!