Back in September, before I was pregnant, I went to my doctor for my annual “Ladies-Only” check-up.

I was ushered back to my room by a nurse and told the standard “take off everything, get on the table, here’s your top and here’s a sheet” speal. This time, I couldn’t remember if I needed to make sure the paper top opening faced a certain way. So I asked.

“Oh no, it opens on both sides.”

“Okay.” But I must have looked skeptical or worried, because the nurse very kindly shared:

“Oh let me tell you, when I was young, they just gave us a tea-towel to cover our boobs. Except one day my Doctor walked in and I had the towel covering my head. But I had worked with him in Labor and Delivery before, so he knew I was crazy.”

First, I don’t think I’d like a co-worker examining my privates. Second, THEY ONLY GAVE YOU A TEA-TOWEL!? NO SHEET!? That is cruel and unusual punishment people.