My college newspaper used to have a column called “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” that featured things students liked or disliked about the school, classes, etc. I really liked the idea and decided to keep the old tradition alive (they now do an “overheard” column instead) by writing some of my Ups and Downs of the week.

Thumbs Up: Getting to hear Junie’s heartbeat!

Thumbs Down: Not getting to actually see Junie. I was so looking forward to that!

Thumbs Up: Hubby started work on updating Junie’s room with new, grounded electrical outlets and additional insulation!

Thumbs Down: Finding out that room had NO insulation in it.

Thumbs Up: Getting to leave work 2 hours early because my boss was on a planning retreat.

Thumbs Down: Forgetting my wallet in my other purse and not discovering it until I’m ready to pay for my food. (Again. I cannot believe I’ve down this TWICE.)

Thumbs Up: Still having my checkbook and being able to pay using my H1N1 vaccination card as my ID.

Thumbs Down: Realizing I forgot three important things the minute I pulled out of the grocery store parking lot.

Thumbs Up: Parking in stork parking!

Thumbs Up: Cooking dinner two nights in a row — lots of tasty leftovers, here we come!