About a year ago, I posted a list of projects Hubby and I were hopping to complete or get started on in 2009. Now that 2009 is almost over, I thought it was appropriate to update that list and see what we’ve managed to accomplish in our home over the past year, and think about what we want to accomplish over the next yer.

Last year’s goals were (the accomplished ones are crossed out, and the partially completed ones are in blue):

  • Fix molding by front door
  • Paint family room
  • Paint living room
  • Paint hallway
  • Install crown molding in family room, dining room and master bedroom
  • Do energy analysis on house and add more insulation where needed. I’m not sure Hubby did a true energy analysis, but he did determine some of the largest problem areas on our home, our attic spaces, and installed additional insulation there. We do know of other areas that could use additional insulation, but we have to decide if the difficulty in installing it is worth it for us.
  • Add insulation to office. Hubby is presently working on this one!
  • Paint front door
  • Start, and complete upstairs remodel to include: master bedroom, master bath, his and his closets and office nook
  • Organize shop. Kinda, sorta done. It’s better than it was, at any rate.
  • Remove old oil tank from basement
  • Paint shop
  • Cut off part of the deck so we can park under it and add more supports
  • Build coffee table
  • Create and build closet organization in office for Hubby’s clothes
  • Create a new pen area in the basement for Glacier
  • Build under-stair storage in the basement
  • Change linen closet door to one door, and add and replace shelving inside
  • “Flip” our living and family rooms and find the PERFECT furniture arrangement. Completely finished in the living room, not quite as perfect in the den/family room, but the basic arrangement is there. Right now, that room is cluttered with furniture as we turn our office into the baby’s room.

We made a pretty good dent in these projects, and I’m pleased with what we’ve managed to accomplish this past year. So what’s on the docket for next year? Here are a few things I hope will get done!

  • Repair molding by front door.
  • Change linen closet door to one door, and add and replace shelving inside OR find other alternative to make this closet baby-proof.
  • Finish adding insulation, replace drywall, add bead board and paint the baby’s room.
  • Replace our kitchen faucet with a silver one.
  • Re-organize the kitchen to make room for toddler snack containers, sippy cups, plates, etc.
  • Replace our broken doorbell.

Realistically, I think this is the best we can do in 2010. There are more things I’d like to see done, or at least started, but with everything we’ll have going on over the next year, I don’t want to over-estimate what we can accomplish.

What project goals do you have for the next year?