One of my favorite co-workers,

and good friends,

gave me this hat for Junie.

Her mother crocheted it.

She crochets blankets, and wants to make one that corresponds with Junie’s gender.

Right now, Junie is only a little bigger than the pompom at the top of the hat. But, in a few short months, he’ll (she’ll?) fill it out perfectly.

I can’t wait!


I’m now in my 15th week of pregnancy!

Junie is about 6 inches long, which means he is now about twice the size of the pom-pom on the hat.

I’m starting to feel a lot less tired than I was. I can stay up to about 9:30 or even 10!! (baby steps people, baby steps).

I’m still not wearing maternity pants, but I think I might bust out a maternity dress pretty soon, mostly because I don’t have a lot of cooler weather dresses.

I still don’t have a super defined bump, but I know its coming soon as Junie’s growth really starts to pick up! I can’t wait for our appointment the first Tuesday in January — I was recently comparing our ultrasound photos from 9 weeks to our most recent nearly 12 week ones, and the size and “human looking-ness” were greatly increased over only 3 weeks. I know there’ll be an even bigger difference over the course of a month.