Our living room (the first room you walk into in our house and the room we spend most of our time in) is the room that’s most decorated for Christmas.

Our tree is in one corner of the room. Yes, its artificial. We’re out of town a lot around Christmas, and the pre-lit tree is super convenient, so artificial really works for us.

The tree’s branches are really low to the ground, so even though it looks like we’re exploading with presents, we really don’t have as many as it looks like. Promise.

This ornament belonged to my great-grandmother. I have another one of hers that is very simlar. I love these because of their history, but also because of what they show — Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

This sand dollar ornament was made by some friends of mine down the street when I was in elementary school. I think its too cute!

My mom gave this alligator ornament the year afer Hubby and I got married to remind me of my hometown. Its not unsual to see alligators frequently where I’m from, so this ornament is very representative of home for me.

Hubby and I bought this ornament on our honeymoon. We stayed at the High Hampton Inn and had a wonderful time! Hanging this ornament on the tree always reminds me of those fun, relaxing days.

This ornament was my grandmother’s — its an oversized ball, and I love it! Since our tree is artificial, it was a few thinner spots on it, so larger ornaments help hide that.

My grandmother made all of her children, their spouses and most of her grandchildren knitted stockings. She passed away before Hubby and I got married, but I really wanted the knitted stocking tradition to continue. My mom found a lady who also knitted stockings who agreed to make one of Hubby that matched mine.

This year I added 6 carolers to our mantle. They were a gift from my grandmother; she and my grandmother purchased them the first year they were married, in the early 1950s.

Our living room decor is rounded out with a few accent pillows. The larger one was came from Crate and Barrel last year, and the smaller one belonged to my grandmother.

What are your favorite ways to deck the halls?