Dare to DIY

Today is the final day of Kim’s DIY Holiday Challenge. I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m looking forward to doing it again next year! Right Kim? Please?

For the final day of the challenge, Kim asked us to either share our family traditions or start a new tradition. My family has several traditions that I love!

* One thing my mom and I both do, is hang our angel ornaments at the top of the tree. I also have several ornaments of Mary, Joseph and Jesus that hang right below the angels.

* On Christmas morning, we each take turns opening a present in age order. This allows the giver to see how much the giftee enjoyed their gift. It’s also a time where we enjoy, admire and share in one an other’s interests as we don’t just open and then toss the present aside, but will often take it out of any packaging to better enjoy it.

* We have a traditional Southern Christmas morning breakfast of bacon, grits and scrambled eggs. YUM!

* I am the designated Christmas-cookie maker and decorator, and I LOVE it. You have to have fun, iced cookies at Christmas!

* When my brother and I were little, before we could see what Santa brought or open our presents, my parents had to “stage” our living room. They would light a fire, turn out the Christmas music, and se the camera up on the tripod to capture every Christmas moment. Not my favorite tradition as a kid, but one I will probably force upon my kids!

Even though I love the traditions we already have, there are some I would like to create with my family someday.

* I’d like to watch the Nativity Story each Christmas Eve as a family.

* I’d like to make Christmas ornaments with my kids each year — either homemade or visit the paint and bake store to make ceramic ornaments.