A few weeks ago I muscled through my tiredness and got most of my Christmas decorating done. I’ve decided not to put out a few things this year, with everything we have going on these days, it was just too much work.

Of everything I’ve decorated this year, my favorite is our dining room table. I worked off what I had set up for fall, keeping the same tablecloth, placemats and napkins. I added a hurricane and candle I already had, added some small ornaments I snagged on sale last year, some votive candles I had, and 4 crystal trees my grandmother handed down to me when she pared down her Christmas decor. The result?

Fun, festive, warm and sparkly! I love that its Christmasy, but not overly so. I could easily use this same table scape all through February and maybe even into March.

What’s your favorite room with Christmas decor?