1. Memorize 2 passages of scripture. I memorized Psalm 40:1-2 and Psalm 48:14.

2. Find Dad a Christmas present. I picked it out, now I just need to buy it!

3. Create a daily cleaning chart. Done! I think it could use some refining though, not all of the chores jive with what I have going on for work or volunteering for certain days.

4. Stick to this chart on the days we are home! Not even close.

5. Find the perfect Thanksgiving picnic outfit. I found my perfect outfit, all in my closet– a maroon dress with gray leggings, brown knee-high boots, and a jean jacket. Comfy, cute, and WARM!

6. Figure out one thing to get Hubby for Christmas. Just like with my dad, I know what I want to get him, now I just have to get off my duff and buy it!

7. Work out 15 times, at least. ONE SHORT! But, with everything that’s gone on  this month, I’m very pleased with 14 times. I think I might count this one, or at least give myself half credit.

8. Visit my great-aunt when we go to SC for Thanksgiving. I planned to, but she passed away two weeks before Thanksgiving. I went to her funeral, so we’ll count that as a visit.

9. Re-accessorize the top of our media cabinet. Done!

10. Set up our Christmas tree before we leave for Thanksgiving (without ornaments). Not done, but the tree was up and decorated by Sunday afternoon, and since the ultimate goal was to get the tree up before December 1, I’m counting this one done!

11. Spend one Saturday raking leaves with Hubby. Nope.

12. Plan a date with Hubby! We’re going to the Nutcracker in a few weeks!

13. Send Janeth a birthday card. Done! I found her the cutest “7” card, with bees and glitter, and all that wonderful girly stuff!