Yesterday, Hubby finally finished his closet!

It all started when Hubby cut a hole in my bathroom ceiling to run duct work out of our gable vent. To do it, he had to go in through his closet, so its been out of commission since mid-summer.

After the duct work project was complete, Hubby decided to build an organizer for his closet, similar to the one he made for mine.

His closet was a little more complicated than mine, because the pluming for our upstairs bath ran through the back of the closet, and there was now some duct work running through the top of the closet, so Hubby did some framing and hung some dry wall to cover all that up.

He also cut into the existing drywall, back to the studs, in the back left-side of the closet to make some cubby holes for his shoes, backpacks, and other things.

I’m very pleased with the outcome of his months of hardwork, and even more thrilled to finally have his clothes back in the closet!