A while ago, I read and reviewed Audrey Niffenegger’s newest book, Her Fearful Symmetry. I loved it, and was sold very early on in the novel, particularly by the following passage. I also was fond of this passage because it reminds me of me!

“She had always been a restless sleeper. When she was alive her sleep was punctuated by tossing and turning; she often stole all the blankets. When Elspeth slept alone she lay spreadeagled across the bed, staking her territory with limbs instead of a flag. When she slept with Robert he was often awoken by a stray elbow or knee, or by Elspeth’s legs thrashing as though she were running in bed. ‘One of these nights you’re going to break my nose,’ he’d said to her. She had acknowledged that she was a dangerous bedmate. ‘I apologize in advance for any breakage,’ she’d told him, and kissed the nose in question.” — pg. 27