Two weeks ago, Hubby and I went to Clemson and met up with my parents to watch them take on Coastal Carolina in their Homecoming Game. We knew it was going to be a blow-out, but that’s what I wanted to see! I felt like everytime I traveled to see my Tigers play, they lost! I was begining to feel like a bad-luck charm, and wanted to break the curse.

And break it we did — they creamed them!

Even though I enjoyed seeing Coastal Carolina stomped and getting to see my parents, brother (who attends Clemson), uncle, cousin and my parents’ friends from college, the highlight of my trip was getting to touch Howard’s Rock.

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Frank Howard is one of Clemson’s most legendary coaches (after John Heisman), and is our longest-serving coach. Back in the day, my grandfather was one of his players! In the 60’s, someone gave Howard this rock, which came from Death Valley, AZ (Clemson’s Statium is nick-named Death Valley). It soon became tradition for the Tigers to rub the rock as they ran down the hill onto the field prior to a game, symbolizing the fact that they were about to give 110%. This tradition is now known as “The 25 Most Exciting Seconds in College Football,” so I was ecxited to get in on a little piece of this tradition.

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