Our visit to our potential summer camp went really, really well! I was very pleased with what I saw and think its absolutly the best camp facility we could rent. They have a small water park with two 100 foot speed slides, wave pool and lazy river, an adventure course with a mud pit, a lake for fishing, canoeing and a blob, great cabins and a great worship space all in a central location, and a crazy long zip line. Plus, a white water rafting company is  located within walking distance from the camp, so we can go rafting on one of the best rivers on the east coast. I think our kids will have a blast! Oh, and I probably won’t have too bad of a time either.

It was nice to have some time to relax and just do whatever I wanted this weekend. I feel like I’ve just been going at full speed since the middle of November with very little time for myself. I am not a people person, and need at least a little bit of time to myself each day to decompress and be able to deal with people another day. Since that’s been in short supply, I really took advantage of the time I had Saturday and was in my pajamas until about 5:30. I did spend a little time organizing a few things in our family room, but other than that, I didn’t really do too much of anything. And frankly, that’s one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. Are you a people person? What is your favorite weekend activity?